[MOUTH+BODY+MIND] ... because oral health goes beyond the tooth.

Dental anxiety can make visits with dental professionals a down right unpleasant experience. For some, it can result in missed appointments, delayed treatment and unnecessary pain and suffering!

At the Dental Hygiene Studio, you can look forward to:


Heated neck/back wrap

Stay cozy and relaxed during your dental hygiene visit with a neck/back heating pad.


Citrus essential oils help boost your mood and reduce anxiety/irritability. Sensitive to scents? No worries, just let me know and I'll make sure your visit is scent free.

Limited wait room time

Extra time is booked in between clients to ensure that I stay on schedule and you rarely (if ever) have to wait to be seen.  

Flexible scheduling

Book a visit online at your convenience! You'll get email/text reminders and you'll be able to reschedule your appointment as necessary. The online booking form will give you the opportunity to tell me about past experiences, request your favourite type of music, and let me know if there's anything I can do to make your visit extra amazing.

Visits with Ellie

Click here to learn how having a furry chairside companion can help make you feel at ease during your dental hygiene visits!